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All About MIGI Rapping System

Posted by Admin on July, 02, 2019

Rappers are widely used in case of transmitting the strong shearing forces which are meant for collection of plates, helping to release the dust particles which are deposited. It is the process through which the electrodes and the particles do break apart with the help of the constant vibrations from the end of the rappers.
The entire setting of rappers is often used in electrostatic precipitators, which helps in reloading the cake on dust. The frequency at which the rappers work depends directly on the number, size, and the system in which it is used. Apart from that, it also depends upon the special characters of the dust which need to be collected using thee rappers. To get the best-in-class products, it is highly suggested to contact the MIGI rapping system exporters.
What Exactly Are Rappers And Precipitators?
The vibrators are usually employed at the conjunction with the electrostatic precipitators. The precipitators are specially made and contain a sheet metal collector having electrode plates. It also has vertically suspended discharging electrodes wires which are located in between the plates. When used as a gas stream, it is often discharged from the industrial process through the precipitator. During this process, the air particulates get ionized with the help the electrode wire.
The ionized particles discharged, get attracted towards the positively charged plate, which helps to create a platform where the dust particles can be collected without much hassle. This usually leads to the formation of the cake like the structure of the particles on the ground. In short, it can be said that the rappers are held responsible for the transmission of the vibrations to the electrodes which helps in breaking the dust particles into loose particles and make them fall on the hopper which is located below the precipitator.
Types of Rappers:
There are commonly three types of rappers which are easily available in the market.
Electric Vibrators:
These vibrators based on electric make use of special rod-like structure through which the previous shells transmit the vibrations which flow towards the discharge wires and lead to the collecting plates. However, they are not usually used for the collection of fly ashes. The electromagnetic vibrators make use of a coil which is used for energizing the alternative current. The energy helped in creating a vibration which gets transmitted through the rod and reaches up to wires or the plates.
Mechanical Rappers
The mechanical rappers which are used for rapping process consist of a large weight which is used for lifting helping to gain potential energy. When released, it allows a free fall leading to a collision with the anvil creating a particular shock leading to the dislodged cake of dust. The mechanical rappers can generally of two types, namely, the vibratory and the impact ones.
Pneumatic Rappers
In this type of rapper, tumbling hammers are used at the conjunction points with a proper rigid frame of discharge electrodes. They are highly efficient but also require a high amount of maintenance too. The hammers have a rotating shaft which causes a vibratory shock leading to a hassle-free process of rapping. The user can even adjust the speed of the rotating shaft too.

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