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A Basic Overview Of Electrostatic Precipitator

Posted by Admin on September, 16, 2019

An electrostatic precipitator is a specifically designed filtration device which is used for removing fine particle of dust and smoke from any type of flowing gas. The filtration unit makes use of the force of an induced electrostatic charge which impedes the gas is flowing through the unit. An electrostatic precipitator makes use of several EPS Spare Parts which play a major role in the regulation of the gases passing through the precipitator.

In some industrial estates, wet scrubbers are also used for the same purpose. However, these wet scrubbers usual apply energy directly to the medium of flowing fluid. In contrast, the electrostatic precipitator applies energy only on the particulate matter which is being collected.

Thus, electrostatic precipitator is considered as a more efficient medium to the purpose of removing fine particles like dust and smoke in terms of consumption of energy.

What is a Plate Precipitator?
Well, most of the basic precipitators contain a row of thin and vertical wires along with a stack of large-sized flat textured metal plates which are vertically oriented. These metal plates own a typical space between them which ranges from 1cm to 18 cm in terms of distance, depending entirely on the application of the precipitator.
The precipitator is designed in a manner which allows the air stream to flow horizontally from the spaces present in between the wires. From there, the gas escapes outside passing through the stack of plates.
Working of a Precipitator:
A negative voltage having the ability of several thousand volts is evenly applied in the space present between the wires and the plate. Due to the high voltage which is applied, the discharge from the electric corona leads to the ionisation if the air present around the electrodes.
These electrodes, on the other hand, ionize the particles present in the air stream. The ionized particles get diverted towards grounded plates due to the action of the electrostatic force. The particles keep on building up on the composite plates, which are later removed from the air stream using cleaning procedures. This is the entire process which leads to the dissipation of the minute particles from the gases.

What is two design EPS?
Some of these precipitators have a little different design which is known as the two-stage design. Compared to the normal precipitator, the two-stage designed ones have separate sections for changing and collection. However, these should not be used in enclosed spaces because it may affect the health conditions of the personnels working inside.
Moreover, it also leads to the minimization of ozone production. There are several EPS Spare Parts Suppliers in India who sell top-quality ESP of this category along with the scrap parts.
This type of precipitator is usually used in the engine rooms of ships where the gearboxes are mainly responsible for the generation of oil mist. The two-stage electrostatic precipitator is used for cleaning the air and improving the environment in which the operation is performed.
Moreover, it also plays an important role in the prevention of the build-up due to accumulations of the fog resulted from flammable oil. As the oil is collected in a different chamber, it is returned to the gear system where it is used as a lubricating agent.

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